Jonathon Langer graduated from Macaquarie University in Sydney in 1999 where he completed his Master of Chiropractic degree.

This was followed immediately by a post graduate degree in Sports Chiropractic. Prior to his Chiropractic studies, he completed his Sports Science degree in Perth.

He has a strong interest in sports chiropractic – an avenue he believes allows the athlete to perform at their optimum and reduce the vulnerability to injury – be it the "weekend warrior" or the elite athlete. He has worked on many elite level sports people from many disciplines including Aussie Rules football, rugby union and rugby league, cricket, dancing, tennis, martial arts and golf, and at many local and international sporting events.

Jonathon is also very passionate about providing chiropractic care to families, including babies, who can respond extremely favourable to gentle subtle correction of spinal dysfunction for conditions such as sleeping difficulties, colic, reflux, bowel problems, and uncontrolled crying, and in children, postural abnormalities and spinal problems.